Explore contract:0xf62c023880e7a90b760794590042f7b2452f3EDa
Please send your ethers to above contract address to start your investment!!

Welcome to Ether Rich Land
There are total 100 Lands.
You can invest any one of them and obtain income from your Lands.

Why should you be an Land owner?
For each Land owner, you can obtain tax income from Land visitors.

Investment amount(Land value) and tax income:

  • total investments 0 ~ 1 ethers: 1% tax income
  • total investments 1 ~ 10 ethers: 5% tax income
  • total investments 10 ~ 100 ethers: 10% tax income
  • total investments 100 ~ 500 ethers: 15% tax income
  • total investments 500 ~ 1000 ethers: 20% tax income
  • total investments > 1000 ethers: 30% tax income

How to be an Land owner?
When you send ethers to the smart contract address, the contract will calculate your landing Land.
  • If there is no owner in the Land, you will be the Land owner.
  • If this Land is yours, your investments of this Land is added.
  • If this Land is other's, you have 10% opportunity to be the new Land owner. If you are lucky to be the new Land owner, old owner's investments will be returned. Otherwise, you need to pay the tax fee and your rest ethers will be returned.
Is there any fee to pay for rich Land owner?
If you sell your rich Lands by yourself, you need to pay 1% fee. Otherwise, no hidden cost.

When will the investment close?
The smart contract is existed in the ethereum network and operates automatically and never expire. Your investments are always available and you can get your ethers back anytime.